Our Privacy Policy

We protect your personal information. Restaurant De Chinese Muur respects your privacy and personal data, but we sometimes need your personal data. This statement explains how we store, protect and process your data.

Secure data transfer

We secure all personal data that we collect from you. With the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) we take the best possible measures against loss, destruction, use, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. We do not share this data with third parties.

Data recording and general use

Article 1 - Contact
In order to get in touch with you, we need your name, e-mail address, address(es), payment details (for orders) and your telephone number. We will register, store and process your data for a proper handling of your order or question.

Article 2 - Login
On your account, if in use, we store the following information: passwords and username. This way you do not have to enter these data again. We also save - for the convenience of your own account - the data of previous orders.

Article 3 - Advertising purposes
Restaurant De Chinese Muur can use your data for advertising purposes. This means that we will send you information about products from our offer. We will use e-mail advertising, unless you have expressly indicated that you do not wish to receive such information.

Article 4 - Social Media.
If you use social media functions on our site, it is possible that the provider of social media sends us information (according to its policy). This may include your name, profile picture, gender, friend lists and other information you have made available. Do you not want this? Then change the privacy settings on your social media account. If you indicate that you like an article, that article will appear on your social media account when you are logged in. Add-ons like the "Like" button and "Comment" of Facebook, can be recognized by a Facebook logo. These plug-ins are pieces of Facebook on our site. If you access a web page that uses these plug-ins, your browser sends certain information to Facebook. Like other sites that use these plug-ins, we have no control over this data transmission.

Article 5 - Newsletter
Restaurant De Chinese Muur offers newsletters. This keeps you informed of offers, (discount) promotions and other news. To ensure your consent, we use the double opt-in system for newsletter registration. An unsubscribe option will be included in every communication through this channel. Restaurant De Chinese Muur uses personal newsletters. These newsletters are compiled on the basis of your previous data, such as orders and pages visited.

Article 6 - Competition
If you take part in a promotion or competition, we will ask for your e-mail address, date of birth, place of birth, place of residence and telephone number. This enables us to carry out the action and announce the prize winner(s). This is also how we measure the response to our advertising campaigns.

Article 7 - Subsequent payment

Not applicable



Article 8 - What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a site's server to the browser. The browser then stores the file in your device. Your device receives a unique number, which our site later recognizes the device.

We distinguish in principle session cookies and temporary or permanent cookies. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close the browser. Temporary or permanent cookies remain on your computer for a long time or indefinitely. Your settings and data enable us to improve our website and personalise our information and offers.

Article 9 - Which cookies are used by Restaurant De Chinese Muur?
Session cookies, temporary and permanent cookies. Most cookies used by us are removed from your hard disk after ending the browser session. Session cookies are needed, for example, to offer you the shopping basket function on multiple pages. Besides these session cookies, we use cookies that remain on your computer. If you start browsing again, our site will 'recognise' you. This way we know what your settings are and which pages you have visited.

Article 10 - By storing (if applicable) cookies we ensure that:

  • Your items in the shopping cart will be saved;
  • You can stay logged in and shop without being disturbed;
  • You shop safely at Restaurant De Chinese Muur;
  • you can read and write reviews;
  • the website is fast;
  • we can detect errors and inconveniences on the website;
  • we can test improvements;
  • we can advise you personally based on what you have previously bought and/or viewed;
  • You can share products via social media such as Facebook and Google;
  • you get optimal local information.

Article 11 - Third parties collecting cookies on our site (so-called Third-Party-Cookies)
Restaurant The Chinese Wall uses the services of advertising partners who help us to make the internet offer and the website interesting for you. Therefore, during a visit to our site, partner cookies are also stored on your hard drive. The partner cookies do not contain any privacy-related data. Only pseudonymous data is stored under a user ID. These pseudonymous data are not linked with your privacy-related data. The sole purpose of the data is to give our advertising partners the opportunity to offer you advertising in which you would actually be interested.

Article 12 - Re-Targeting
Not applicable

Article 13 - Delete or disable cookies
You can always remove or disable cookies yourself via the browser settings. You will then no longer receive any cookies while shopping on our site. Explanation about the adjustment of cookie settings can be found under Help in most browsers. But beware: without cookies our site works less well.

Article 14 - Inspection and amendment of your data
For questions about our privacy policy, please contact us. You may inspect, change or remove your personal data.

Article 15 - Changes to this privacy statement
Restaurant De Chinese Muur can amend this privacy statement. If you are not registered as a user, we recommend that you consult this statement regularly. If you have any questions or comments about our privacy statement, please contact us via:

Postal address:

Restaurant The Chinese Wall
Beatrixstraat 38
1781 EP, Den Helder

E-mail: info@chinesemuurdenhelder.nl
Phone number: 0223-612458

email: info@chineesmuurdenhelder.nl

Article 16 - Revocation and objection
You can object to the use of your data for our products and services. The possibility of revocation applies to the consent to the explicit provision of data.